Animal Structure & Function

This core offers Spectralis (Heidelberg Engineering) spectral-domain optical coherence tomography and Micron III and Micron IV instruments, as well as the VERIS™ multifocal electrophysiological system (Electro-Diagnostic Imaging) and a full-time animal technician to assist with ocular structural imaging and functional imaging (electrophysiology) in animals. The use of ocular imaging methods that enable longitudinal observations in a living animal can greatly reduce the need to sacrifice animals at different time points in an experiment. The core will facilitate this process and centralize the expertise, fluorescence imaging, and retinal function testing equipment to allow our researchers to maximize their time and resources.

  • Directors: Dirk-Uwe Bartsch, PhD + Derek Welsbie, MD, PhD
  • Location: BSB 3007
  • Resources: Micron IV Rodent Imaging System, Micron III Rodent Imaging System, Spectralis SD-OCT with FA/ICGA, PacScan 300 A-scan ultrasound imaging, Gas Anesthesia, IOP measurement, 3D printing
  • Animal Technician: John Carroll
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