Triton Shared Computational Cluster Access

The Computational Module of the Core Grant has arranged for interested vision researchers to have access to the UCSD Research CyberInfrastructure computational cluster: Triton Shared Computational Cluster (TSCC).

Accessing the TSCC Cluster
Core Grant access to the TSCC cluster is being administered by Dan Auerbach. If you would like to request a login account for the cluster, contact Dan at

Log in to the cluster using ssh at the command line as follows:

ssh <UCSD_Active_Directory_Username>

where “<UCSD_Active_Directory_Username>” is your UCSD active directory username (your email username

Information & Resources

The TSCC website has lots of information on the hardware specifications, software availability, how to submit jobs, and job queue characteristics. You should review the information on this website before attempting to run your jobs.

In order to stay up-to-date on cluster status, or to ask questions if you are having problems, you can subscribe and submit questions to the TSCC staff and community mailing lists.

Node Info
We have one condo node with 16 physical cores and 128GB of RAM. You can see the detailed system and cluster specs on TSCC website above.

Software Availability
Many applications and programming tools are installed on the cluster. Please see the TSCC Software page for more information. Matlab and R, as well as numerous life science and genetics packages are installed.

Submitting Jobs
Please see TSCC website for more details, here specifically:

You MUST use our TSCC group name as the account name when submitting jobs. Our group name is: visres-group.

Data Storage
Each cluster user has ~100GB of local disc space on the login node, however, running jobs on the cluster should access data using the TMPDIR environment variable. This location will be accessible to the compute nodes with much higher performance. There is additional (temporary) storage available with a 90-day purge policy. You can access this at /oasis/tscc/scratch/. Access to data that is stored on the vision research file server ( is configured on a user by user basis. Please email Dan at for more information.

Detailed information on how to run different software packages will be posted as time permits.

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