File Server Available for Vision Researchers: Macula (​

The Macula Research File Server as a secure repository for research data and documents. It provides enhanced cooperation and collaboration among vision researchers who need to share research data.

This server will provide the following:

  • User Folders
    • Public
    • Private
    • Drop Box
  • Group and Lab Folders
  • Flexible access controls on group and lab folders based on group needs
  • UCSD Active Directory (AD) authentication
  • Mac and PC compatibility

To request an account on Macula please send an email to Dan Auerbach.

Macula Connection Instructions

Mac OS XPC/Windows
Step 1 – From Finder, click on “Go” in the Menu bar
Step 2 – type in afp:// and hit Connect
Step 3 – Enter your UCSD e-­mail username and password and hit Connect
Step 4 – Highlight the appropriate sharepoint(s) and click OK.
Step 1 – Click on the Orb/Start button on the lower left of your PC screen,
Step 2 – Type in \\ and hit enter
Step 3 – Enter your UCSD e-­mail username and password and hit ok
Step 4 – Double-click on the desired sharepoint(s) to access the contents

Server Spe cifications

  • System: OS X Server 10.9.1; 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7
  • Storage Capacity: 12+TB of usable storage, expandable to approx 36TB

Restoration of Service
If a disruption of service occurs, a maximum effort will be made to restore service as quickly as possible. Users of the service will be notified via email.

This will be accomplished using electronic mail published to a mailing list. All server system users will automatically be subscribed to this list. The mailing list address is:

System Maintenance & Downtime
Hardware, software and maintenance procedures necessary for proper system performance and function will be scheduled as needed. Any scheduled maintenance that will interrupt server availability will be announced to all system users in advance. In the event of any unforeseen technical problems that affect the availability of the server, all users will be notified using the macula mailing list.

Data Back ups, Recovery and Data Redundancy
The data on the Macula server is backed up every night to two separate campus locations. In the event of a hardware, or other system failure, data will be restored from the most recent backup. In the event of a user inadvertantly deleting individual file(s), a request can be made to for the restoration of these files from the most recent backup.

IT Support Contacts for

Manny Acera

Ronnie McClean

Those using the Macula Research File Server should be guided by the principles and practices identified in the UCSD Responsible Computing Use Policy.

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