Database (​​​FileMaker 12+) Server Available​

The Computational Module of the Core Grant  has provided a FileMaker Database Server for use by vision researchers and associated staff.

This server will provide the following for our research data:

  • Sharing & Security: This server provides secure, multi-user access, to shared databases using UCSD Active Directory authentication
  • Accessibility: FM DBs can be accessed from both Windows and Macs, and from iOS devices: iPads and iPhones. With additional programming, FM DBs can be web-enabled and accessed from any web-browser
  • Visibility: DB access can be restricted to only those persons authorized by the appropriate PI
  • Redundancy: The server is located at the UCSD RCI facility at SDSC with redundant power, cooling and networking
  • Data Integrity: The databases are backed up nightly to two locations
  • Active Server Management: The server will be managed by HGC Computer Group in coordination with the Department IT group

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how you can take advantage of the server, contact Dan Auerbach at

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