​Research Data Backup Services​

The Computational Module of the Core Grant is providing data backup services to vision researchers and associated staff.

This backup server is available to perform backups of any and all vision research data. It is a robust and highly automated system.

The benefits of taking advantage of this include:

  • Consistency: Backups performed nightly (without you having to think about it) or initiate them
  • Redundancy: Data is stored redundantly in two separate campus locations
  • Security: Backup server is in a departmental server rack at the UCSD RCI Colocation Facility
  • Longevity: Backup data sets will be kept for 6 months. Longer term archiving can be arranged for static datasets.
  • Comprehensive: Nearly all networkable computers, devices and instruments can be included in the backup routine.

The server is being administered by Manny Acera in the HGC Computer Group. If you have any questions about how this works, or would like to request backups of your data, contact Manny Acera (VisCoreCompute@ucsd.edu )

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